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poopotpoopot Frets: 3132
Right peeps...

Voting time... you cant vote for yourself etc etc...

1st place - 5 points
2nd place - 3 points
3rd place - 1 point

all the mixes can be heard in the playlist below:


voting closes 11.30 Friday 13th Dec.

Winner announced shortly after.

Cheers Luvs
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  • oafoaf Frets: 194
    My feedback, for what it's worth.

    Poopot: rather scooped, relative volume levels good but felt like there was not much content between 200-1000Hz, then a big spike around maybe 3-4kHz. Drums had a bit of a ring to them (I found this needed work too) and bass drum got a bit lost at times. Instruments are sometimes fighting with each other in terms of frequency, though I liked the honky tonk piano vibe and the keyboard elements were decently expressed. A bit too much treble and somewhat fizzy in general. Just out of interest I wondered if you uploaded a different version initially? (or my musical memory is just playing tricks).

    Fretwired: a bass boost effect meant it was slightly lumpy around 100/200Hz-ish though overall EQ pretty nice. Initially thought general mix felt a little mono, not a great deal of width (although there's actually a decent amount when switching TO mono!) In terms of FX it was too caverny/delay-y for me. While Poopot was scooped this feels somewhat muddy and low-heavy. Voice well handled, sits comfortably in mix although lead guitar sometimes plays over it too much towards the end (sidechain?) - this is as much an arrangement issue as mix problem though. Sudden finish might have been improved with a fade out :) Very solid overall and breathed better than your last submission (not as slammed though still loud).

    Brandon: EQ very good overall, possibly slightly hyped sounding in parts but lacking a true high end (perhaps thanks to SoundCloud's horrible MP3s). Snare sounded a bit weird/over-prominent to me, bass guitar and bass drum not very separated (another sidechain opportunity maybe?) Voice slightly low in mix/lacking clarity on occasion (especially vs backing vox, but then the backing vox are so well sung, so...) Felt slightly flat dynamically, wonder if elements are a little too compressed or just a bit too quiet overall? Could have been a bit more aggressive with EQ on particular tracks to give room to others. Overall relative balance of levels (and frequencies) seemed very good to me however and quite even/polished. However you didn't use only DAW native plugins! Lose a mark :) ha ha!

    All suffered from SoundCloud's MP3 compression (it seems to chop a lot off the high frequencies). It would be good to agree on a LUFS level to master to in future I think.

    On a very casual listen most of them sounded fairly alike and better than challenge 6 I thought.

    What did I do? I used Reaper. I was going for clarity, balance and played it quite straight. I felt the start had a bit of a "Shaft" feel so autopanned a couple of elements (for some reason...!) I then doubled the lower guitar intro part, delayed and micropitchshifted the copy and panned each wide, this reminded me a bit of "Brooklyn 99". I "ReaTuned" the guitar line at 1:45 and chopped the ripped backing vocals to match the timing of the lead. Neither are super-noticeable but I think they make it a bit more polished. I found EQing the ring out of the drums the most difficult and also struggled a bit with the outro vocals/lead guitar balance. I think I cut out one or two track sections completely that others left in. Can't remember what else I did. Ah yes, I very slightly widened the drums on the choruses to try to create a bit of excitement but doubt anyone will really notice. I put an LFO on the snare volume so the ghost notes were reduced and only beats 2 and 4 were at full volume. I made an impulse response of an Exponential Audio Nimbus reverb and loaded that into ReaVerb.

    I could have mastered it louder but (IIRC) went for around 13LUFS (quiet for CD but more typical streaming level, although I don't believe SoundCloud actually manage volume).

    It certainly shows that you don't need to spend a fortune on third party VSTs!

    So... quite close, but in the end I decided:

    Brandon 1st
    Fret 2nd
    Ppot 3rd

    Thanks for organising the challenge and taking part @poopot @Fretwired @Branshen ;
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  • BranshenBranshen Frets: 1107
    Oaf: Kick nice and strong, maybe a smidge too strong. Vocals sound great. Panning at the beginning is a great idea (caught my attention as soon as the track started). Instruments are nice and balanced. Pleasant to listen to.

    Poopot: Mix is way too loud in my view and there is alot of noticeable unpleasant distortion (Quite clear in 1:36-1:44). Overdriven guitars are thin and raspy. Kick is wimpy, but perhaps comes from the contrast of listening to Oaf's nice strong kick just before your track. Panning is very noticeably extreme and everything is bright and brittle. I like the balance of everything else except the kick. Everything is nice and present.

    Fretwired: Bass guitar way too prominent. Overdriven guitars at the beginning a little buried. Nice vocals, but abit distant because of the amount of reverb. Panning and separation of instruments is great!

    @Oaf: 1st
    @Fretwired: 2nd
    @Poopot: 3rd

    Great work gents! and special thanks to Poopot for hosting. 
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