Advice on portable keyboard please

I'm looking to get a very basic, portable keyboard to try learning some piano stuff on.  If anybody can make any suggestions, that would be appreciated?

I'm after something portable that has at least one decent onboard sound (ideally piano), that I can move around and turn on quickly with minimal setup time - just plugging in headphones.  I'd like full size keys, and maybe some kind of gigbag.

I've got a travel guitar that I use quite a bit, and even though it's not my best or favourite guitar, it is handy to practise on, and that's the kind of thing I'd be after with a keyboard.  Something I can quickly and easily set up and play, even if I only have a spare 15 minutes.

I may post a wanted for trade on here, as I have too many guitars, but that's a bit of a long shot, so I'll probably end up buying, either new or used.

Thanks for any ideas you may have - I'm not looking for anything fancy, just good enough to learn some basics on, then if I want to go further I could upgrade.
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