Custom By Cougar Supersnake Prototype and Port City 2x12 £1500

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A super rare amp. Amps by Tommy Cougar are hard to come by, but this may very well be a one off.
He makes amps for exceptional players such as Philip Sayce and Ramon Goose.

A custom made circuit and reverb made within a Fender head cab and hand engraved by Tommy himself - he will vouch for this amp - new, a custom order by Tommy would be £3000+

The amp is in the Fender tone territory very big full fat Strat tone clean/ dirty"light" so not a gain amp but rather just on the edge of breakup sort of in the Fender BF/60s Marshall territory and with a very special all tube reverb design that makes it super sweet.

The controls are, Vol -shape switch -treb- mid- bass- reverb accent and reverb, , it is partially derived from some of the custom circuitry Tommy installed in Sayce's Super reverb but with a different power amp and a cool reverb design .
6L6 output tubes. 3 position toggle switch on the rear for selecting the reverb -  you get reverb under the guitar sound, then reverb equal with the guitar sound and then reverb on top of the guitar sound and on the front panel two reverb controls accent and amount. 60 watt output. Super loud! Very similar tones to Sayce can be pushed out of this. £1250ono

The Port City 2x12 cab can go against any 4x12 and usually win - with its front port design. It has been fitted with Celestion Neodynium G12 Century speakers at great cost...over £250 for the pair originally and they have been carefully burned in. Cab grill has been fitted internally with wave dispersal foam discs to stop the immediate beams known in guitar cabs £400ono

I'd rather sell both together for a discounted price of £1500

Very happy to answer any questions as best I can as I do understand this is a very particular amp!

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