FS: Palmer PDI-09 Passive DI - OPEN TO OFFERS

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1.) Palmer PDI-09 Passive DI with Speaker Emulation

Brand new and unused, and boxed, with manual.

The PDI09 DI Box for guitar simply does what all guitarists have wanted since guitar amps began: it takes the speaker output and splits it, sending the powered load back to the speaker cab (or a dummy load) and whisks the rest of the signal through Palmer's fabled speaker emulation filters and to a balanced XLR output read to go to front of house or a mixing desk!

£59 ono assuming Paypal Gift including postage.

2.) Palmer CAB M Passive Cabinet Merger SOLD

The Palmer CAB M may be one of the most useful tools for guitarists we have seen in a while. If you like to use your own amp head at gigs you have probably come across the scenario where there is a stereo setup of cabs available but your head doesn't have the right parallel out.

Brand new and unused, and boxed.

£18 ono assuming Paypal Gift including postage.

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