1970 Fender Twin Reverb SOLD

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1970 Twin Reverb - SOLD
All works fine, and good condition considering it's age.  Electrolitic caps were replaced a few years back, as it was still on the orginals.  It's NMV, and has a G12-65 Heritage & and an Eminence RW&B fitted.  Weighs a ton, as it's 110V with a conversion transformer in the chassis.  Previously someone fitted a MV with the control on the rear, looks like it could be easily removed.  Complete with footswich.


£625 - Not looking for trades, but will consider Ceriatone ODS.

Fender Pro Reverb - SOLD

I've owned this amp for a many years, having acquired it from Daniel Steinhardt of the Gigrig, and That Pedal Show fame.  You can see him playing this amp on YouTube, here is an example:

It sounds glorious, and I'm really sad to be seeing this one go, but it's just too big for me to lug around anymore.  It was blackfaced by Simon Law, and the master volume has been disconnected.  It still has the Fane Alnico's as per the video above.

Price  £550

Ceriatone JTM45 - SOLD
I've owned this amp for many years, and ordered direct from Nik.  I had the headshell made by someone in the UK, but I forget who it was now.  As this is an earlier model, it's missing some of the enhancements of the newer models, but TBH I think that's a good thing, FX loops, MV's and power cut switches were available back then, but I chose this to be simple, and straight forward.  It does have external bias points, but they are on the top of the chassis, rather than the back plate.  I'm selling up a lot of my gear, as my health and situation means I need to rationalise what I have.  I'll also be selling a 1970 Twin Reverb, Clark Beaufort Special (Tweed Deluxe/5e3), and a cab or two.

It's flawless, it has a great clean, and of course does the AC/DC thing really well, although too loudly for my situation.

Probably 9 out of 10, the tolex has opened a little in the top corners, but no real damage to the tolex anywhere.  The faceplate is damaged in the top right corner, this happened years ago, when out of the shell.  No other damage was done, and it's not at all obvious, but it's there, and want to be open about everything.  I've taken a pic of this.

The amp is near Romsey, Hants.  But I regularly travel to Bristol, so can drop off en-route if that works for anyone.  Happy to meet up, or deliver in person if that works.  You are also welcome to come and try the amp.  All the above with suitable social distancing. I will also ship to mainland UK, but it will be expensive, based on my last amp sale, around £60.

£600 - Not looking for trades, but will consider Ceriatone ODS.

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