SOLD EL34's RFTs Mullard

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I picked these up a while back when i acquired an old fender amp, they came in a box of spare bits along with the amp. 
I have been hanging on to them with a view to use at some point but seeing as ive only been into 6l6 amps for the last few years its pointless keeping hold of them any longer. 

They are used and have all been tested ( by a tech ) and confirmed to be working
really not sure how to value these as i can offer no guarantee being that valves do have a life span depending on quality and how much use they've seen.

£30.00 per valve posted seems fair and way lower than some of the prices ive seen these advertised for.

first up is a matched pair of RFT's one with Ultron brand logo 

next is a Mullard  El34 XF3 ( made in Blackburn )  code B4H1

and the last i have been advised is a Telefunken

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