SOLD EVH 5150 iii EL34 50 watt head

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Amazing versatile rig in excellent condition. 3 channels ranging from sparkling fender cleans, through mild crunch in a jtm style, then onto modded jcm800 territory with serious saturation. Channel 3 is slightly more modern and compressed but has loads of gain in tap. This amp covers every musical style with ease, and being the EL34 version has the slightly warmer vibe than the 6L6 version. Has concentric pots for gain and volume and shared eq for channels 1 and 2, and channel 3 gets a eq gain and volume of its own. Master presence and (on the rear) a resonance control for extra bottom end control. Has midi channel switching too which is super easy to program. Very transparent fx loop and dual speaker outs with selectable resistance. Supplied with footswitch to change channels and turn fx loop on and off. Limited home use so in excellent condition with one minor dent to tolex behind handle (the footswitch is solid steel cases and quite heavy!!). 
Open to very close offers. Only selling as my perfect amp (Friedman BE100) has become available at a price I can almost afford! Welcome to try in a socially distanced way. 

Asking for £750
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