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The purge continues!

AER Domino 2 Acoustic Compact PA Amplifier. Used but not abused, excellent working order.

AER Amps - one of the world leaders (if not THE world leader) in acoustic amp technology. The AER Alpha & Compact 60 have become industry standard solutions for home use, studio & small venue acoustic guitar amplification - but what if you need to go that little bit louder...???

The AER Domino 2 is the answer. Essentially this is two Compact 60's in one box, giving you a 120w acoustic guitar combo that is still surprisingly portable. A killer sounding tone/EQ section & beautifully voiced digital FX section will maintain your acoustic guitars superb sound - just a lot louder!

As with the Compact 60, you can also plug a mic in to the amp, so for singer/guitar players, this can work as a high quality complete PA system for small/medium sized venues.

Little AER wedge and padded cover included!

£550 posted U.K. PPG

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