FS: Fender 1964 L Serial Number Jaguar - refinished sonic blue, withdrawn

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This was my sole foray into vintage guitars. Beautiful guitar and my favourite colour but vintage isn't really my thing.

Link to pictures here - https://imgur.com/gallery/kVw1NmY

The tuners have been changed and it's been refinished in a gorgeous sonic blue. The guy who checked it out for me thinks the refin was probably 10-20 years ago. The neck has been refinished too and it may have been refretted (possibly not). Everything else looks to be original and in great condition. 

Currently fitted with a Mustang-type bridge - original is in the case.

Neck date November 1964.

L serial number.

Non-original hard, vintage case.

Hard to price these but it's probably about a quarter of the price of a comparable Strat. Not really interested in offers - may decide just to keep it. It's beautiful...

Price £2,700. No offers please.

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