SOLD: Fender Mustang GT40.

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Hi All,

Up for sale is my Fender Mustang GT40, great condition with the retail box and outer shipping box.  Great sounding little digital modelling amp.  Does fender cleans really well and with the Fender Tone app there's loads of options to configure the amp via your phone/tablet without having to get up and twiddle the knobs on the amp.  A footswitch can also be bought to enable looping options and patch changes but I do not have this, this is reflected in the price.

No scuffs, marks, damage etc.  Still has the little plastic film on the LCD screen.  Updated to the latest firmware, will reset to factory specs before shipping.  

Just as an aside, this amp came with an EU power lead, I will supply a UK power lead along with the original EU lead but there is some paint on the UK lead, just as a heads up!

Looking for £130 delivered to your door, local collection is also welcome from the NE24 area of the north-east.  


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