Rivera Pubster 25 £350 / Trades: SOLD PENDING THE USUAL - THAT WAS QUICK !

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Good Morning All ! 

I've decided to move on my Rivera Pubster - the high gain thing isn't really for me anymore and to be honest i just fancy a change.....

If you're here and reading this you'l more thank likely know what Rivera is all about and that this is an incredible all valve USA made amp built to the highest standards possible.

The combo is 25 watts, twin channel, has a 1x10 speaker and a proper master volume so you can get wonderful tones at a low volume. However it's loud enough to gig. In fact the the back end of last year i used this much more thn my Fender HRD for gigs because it's much lighter and takes up less room in the car.

A few age related blemishes on it from where it's been gigged.

I'm after £350 which i beleive to be a fair price for the amp - and i'm open to the possibilities of trades for other amps.

I'm based in the New Forest (BH25), i won't post as it's too risky.

i can't work out how to post the images from imgur - but there's links here....  Any more info or pictures just let me know




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