Videos or tutorials or advice for noisy soundscape type playing (Nick Zinner style)

Hi all

I'd like to learn a bit more how to do what I think is called soundscapes, but the sort of noisy scratchy type style of thing that I think of as being Nck Zinner's (from Yeah Yeah Yeahs) style. I don't really know where to start, as it's quite different technique to standard playing and just learning their songs doesn't seem to have got me anywhere really.

My playing is quite boring so I'd like to learn some more unconventional techniques and influences in order to spice things up on the electric. I can leave the dull neat playing to the acoustic. Would like to come up with some nice noisy solo jam type pieces but would like some direction first. I remember somebody at school doing sort of structured improv stuff in a school concert that most of the parents were like "whaaaaaat is this" but a few of us were just sat there grinning in the corner (Alex Lanyan, if yuo're here, you were awesome).

Wondered if there were any good videos people would suggest to watch, either to learn some techniques, to watch a good performance, or even tutorials and stuff for this style of playing. There's a million and one lessons for playing grimmaced face bloooooze but harder to find interesting stuff like this that's a bit different. Also I know there are some of Zinner himself on youtube but they seem to be more ambient and a bit wishy washy compared to the racket he makes during the breaks in the Yeah Yeah yeahs songs

Thanks in advance

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