NGD Dowina Chardonnay (Sol)

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NGD Chardonnay GACE

Actually I've had it for just under a week.

I've been wanting a cedar/walnut GA for a while to complement my sitka/rosewood Eastman E8OM-TC and the Chardonnay (marketed as Sol in the UK) seemed to fit the bill. The tricky bit was finding one in the UK. I could have got myself on the list at Richard's Guitars but they weren't expecting them in stock until May. Not being the most patient person (no patience at all!) when I was given the heads up via this group that Moloney Music in Ireland had them in stock I thought I'd look into it. I was a bit worried about buying from outside of the UK since Brexit but after a number of emails with Keiran in which he answered all my questions, sent photos, advised me on which of the two they had in stock would suit me best for fingerstyle, I went for it. Apart from Easter getting in the way, UPS delivered pretty much on schedule. I paid VAT and import duty online so it was a seamless process.

The guitar itself is a lovely looking thing to my eyes. I love the rosette, the clear pickguard, and the reddish hue to the cedar. And it smells great
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