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UPDATE #2: Marin has now gone. Still got the gent's Raleigh.
UPDATE ladies Raleigh has now gone, along with a set of lights. Rest still around if anyone's interested.
These have been mouldering in my garage for nearly two decades, and the garage is coming down to make way for a music room, so they have to go.

As far as I, a non-bicycle expert, can tell, they're basically sound but obviously need a bit of a strip down/spruce up, lubrication and some TLC after totally and utter neglect.

No idea on sizes, but the Marin is good for me (6'4") and the Raleighs were originally bought for me and my wife (5'6"), and the gent's Raleigh is OK but a bit small for me, although it never stopped me riding it.

Somewhere I've also got front/rear Specialized lights for both Raleighs, although I don't know if I can dig them all out. Cycle computers long lost/broken/dead although the fittings are still in place. The little bag on the Marin has various tools and useful bits in.

All tyres hold air, but not sure how far I'd trust them after all that time being left alone.

Simple pricing for the board:

£25 each or £75 the lot. Take them as you find them. Collection/meet up - not really shippable! Located in Hertford, Herts.

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