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rawk100rawk100 Frets: 1707
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Eric sang for a Chicago metal band called Trouble who were one of the first proper "metal" bands that i ever got into in the 80's. They were considered one of pioneers of doom metal in the early 80's. Laterly he had fronted a band called The Skull who were similar to Trouble. He had a very distinctive voice which really suited the style of music he sang. A true original.

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  • Philly_QPhilly_Q Frets: 11595
    Oh shit.  I read a story the other day saying he was sick with pneumonia following Covid, but I somehow just assumed he would recover.

    I've claimed lots of bands as "one of my favourite bands", but Trouble really is one of my favourite bands.  I always hoped they might reunite with Wagner.

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  • ReverendReverend Frets: 2790
    I have the T logo tattooed on my leg i have vr the book end things from the 4th album logo on my wrists and then all is forgiven on my left wrist.

    Nick from Kerrang wrote a really nice piece yesterday 
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  • RobDaviesRobDavies Frets: 2509
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    Refused to have a vaccine. 

    Died of COVID related pneumonia. 

    Sad news and RIP, but… you know…?

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