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Feline Special Offer: Nov/Dec 2021 - 10% off labour charges for Fretboard Members

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As most of you fine folks will know most of our work at Feline is actually repair and upgrade work 
Working on all kinds of Acoustic, electric, bass guitars and mandolins and ukes
All manner of repairs and upgrades with a speciality in Set-ups, fret dressing and refret work.

We've  had the pleasure of doing a lot of work over the years for forum users, so we feel we have been well supported by you guys over the years and thought we should show a bit of love back in the run up to Xmas with 10% discount off our labour charges on repair work**.

We did recently have to implement a small price increase (first one in 5+ years) to cover the fast rising costs of running our workshop and a necessary small increase in wages for our guys, so the discount will shield you from those changes for a few months

If you are just a casual visitor here who enjoys the forum without the need for a username, please take a moment to sign up, as we'd love to extend this offer to you too.

** just a quick clarification : The offer is for repair, servicing and upgrade work and not on custom built guitars or parts

Jobs can be booked in on the Saturday 30th October and the offer will be applied 

Many guitars have a re-sale value. Some you'll never want to sell.
Stockist of: Earvana & Graphtech nuts, Faber Tonepros & Gotoh hardware, Fatcat bridges. Highwood Saddles.

Pickups from BKP, Oil City & Monty's pickups.

  Expert guitar repairs and upgrades - fretwork our speciality!  Facebook too!

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