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*Traded* Fender Princeton 68 Reissue price drop

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One of the 2 of these is going to go, I don't mind which, both are awesome but there's a lot of cross over

Couple of amps for sale.


Fender Princeton 68 Reissue 

Upgraded speaker to the Jensen P10R and has had the bass resistor bypass mod(easily reversed).’68-custom-princeton-reverb/2272006000.html

Great amp £700 would prefer collection, but get in touch and we can see.

Milkman 100 'The Amp  £700  £635 P&P included. SOLD

Great wee thing, I unfortunately am not using it at the moment. I can add a spare valve thats in my spares box.

Willing to see what's out there trade wise also, all for one?
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