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FS/FT:Mezzabarba Trinity

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The best three channel amp available in my opinion.
it’s so versatile as all the channels are midi programmable and it’s really very very easy to do! 
Channel one goes from a really very nice clean to a  broken up plexi (it has that edgy Marshall in abundance) channel 2 goes from where channel one ends and goes from jcm 800 to a modded one to an SLO. Channel three goes from Marshall JCM to searing SLO and everything in between! 
Programmable boost, master ‘brite’ switch and loop on all channels too. This really has it all! 
I think I’m talking myself out of letting it go! Only thing I don’t like about it is the colour lol!
Foot-switch labels are on insulation tape so easily removed and cleaned up
Here’s the tough bit, I’m after £2600 for it. They are available from Peach guitars currently for £3899 so if you fancy one for more than a grand less let me know! If I don’t get very close to that I will just keep it no problem.

I think this Shawn Tubbs vid shows how versatile it really is:

Eric Steckel really shows the raucousness of the amp here!

Trades I would be interested in:
PRS singlecut core could be a SC 245/250 or 594
Trussart maybe a bit on the rusty side
PRS silver Sky core
PRS Fiore
Custom shop telecaster in the right colour
Cash either way.

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