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SOLD : Lee Jackson designed Ampeg VL502 head

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Lee Jackson designed Ampeg VL502 Amp head

A very early example of the VL502, dual channel 50W amp head in excellent condition.
Serial number L52UD80001 dates it as the first off the line in the August 1991 (initial year of production) batch for the UK market. Ampeg serial format details can be found online.

Recently completely revalved - 2 power tubes (EL34) and 7 12AX7 - and serviced. This range was designed by Lee Jackson and boasted various rare (if not unique) features at the time. The amps could take either 6550 or EL34 style power tubes, with a bias selection switch on the rear for ease of configuration. The choice of power tubes obviously plays a huge part in the overall sound of the amp, so being able to run different types gave extra variety to the sounds available. It also included a built in power attenuator, so the amp can be driven hard whilst at more modest volume levels. Dirty channel also includes a 5 way midrange selector in addition to the the traditional controls.

Both channels have reverb, although if I'm totally honest, it's really pretty weak and not one of the amp's highlights.

It's a heavy number, weighing in at just over 20kg, so local pickup would very much be preferred, I'm Glasgow based. However, if anyone out there can help with advice for packaging and who best to use for delivery then I'm sure we can work something out.

Looking for £650

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