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Sold: Dr Z Z-Lux amp head

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I’ve only just got this phenomenal sounding amp but our dog seems to have an insatiable appetite for draining our bank accounts at the vets at inopportune moments so needs must sadly. (Still wouldn’t change him for the world, he’s ace - he has to be with a name like Steven). 

Anyway…Incredible hand wired, 6v6 based 40 watt head (switchable to 20 watts) with stunning valve tremolo and spring reverb on board. Also has a footswitchable variable boost. 
A by like a tighter sounding deluxe reverb with a fantastic mid control. 
Takes pedals exceptionally well. 

Looking for £1500 for a cash sale or I’m happy to take a part ex of another Vox/Fender style amp & cash my way. I’d also consider trades of an amp and guitar for it so I can sell my other guitar to raise the funds. 

Based near Leeds for collection/trades. I’d really rather not post this one but do get in touch if it’s the only option and we’ll get something sorted. 

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