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SOLD 1967 Marshall plexi early JMP 50W, all Mullards

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Jan 2024 edit: Had been trying to sell this as a complete set, but no takers, so am now selling the amp alone.

1967 50W JMP transition model:

* GZ34 rectifier
* EL34 power valves
* all valves - including preamp - are Mullards
* 784-139 output transformer
* PA circuit
* same spec as 'black flag' JTM50

Excellent condition with some minor tolex marks. Circuit is lightly restored (e.g. plate resistor, bias caps, bias trim-pot, etc). Original TXs, choke, valve sockets, etc. Some minor hardware changes (screws, one rubber foot). The amp was bought by me 20+ years ago from the original owner. 

I will put together a full folder of photos. These are just quick iPhone low-res and grainy snapshots, as it's dark and grey.

Price: £5500 £5000 4500

Location: Cambridge

Many more and higher resolution photos of the amp here:

(NOTE: these pre-date the mild restoration I did. So don't show the added bias trim-pot and a couple of resistors reverted to original spec.)
pl01.jpg 539.8K
pl02.jpg 564.5K
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