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Hi all!

Get ready to Moog!! 

3 Tier- mother 32, sfam, subharmon

I have gone deep into euro rack so I need to make some more space so tentatively thinking of selling my 3 tier. I won't get nearly the voices and patching options with the equivalent in euro but I have the  euro bug and leaning towards more harsh and experimental sounds than what these can naturally offer (although they can be pushed really hard with self patching). I also have a Moog Grandmother so that lets me do the mono Moog thing with the lovely filter albeit in a much bulkier format. A fantastic set of instruments to learn modular theories on or to dramatically expand a small euro system or compliment a poly synth set up. They also sound so good and rich and feel great to use.

£183 in Extras include: A leather ish cover for it that fits over the tower perfectly that was £38 to keep you dust free.  I will also include the Moog patching book which is £35  and is really useful and full of ideas. Also includes the rack to hold it all together which is £85. Also the DFAM knob set at £25 which gets you around the little mini pots.

Currently want to sell all as a package but may be persuaded to sell individually at some point. I love the Subharmonicon in particular so could be persuaded to keep that and sell the others. 

Would be over  £1900 + to buy all these things together and some much higher prices at certain stores as I have based some of the pricing on out of stock. It might all go up as well with some of the uncertainty about moog and if they will continue to manufacture in the US so it all could go a bit bonkers soon.

All kept in great condition as always in a pet free an smoke free house and I  give them  a serious dusting and air blow before it leaves me not that it really needs it. See my feedback thread. Boxed with all the bits, patch cables and manuals as well as the overlays for settings which are great to get started. 

Any questions let me know. Might change my mind so if this disappears then that's what has  happened ha, 

£1500 ppg + I will ship insured next day. Alternatively I am in east London for work and South East where I live.

Will do £1300!!!!

Moog Grandmother 

Got my eyes on some eye expensive synths so trying to thin out some.of the gear I'm.not currently using that often. Although all of is fantastic and I have got  many good things to say about all of them.

Grandmother is becoming a bit of a  classic. Pairs fantastically with other semi and modular gear but stands on its own really well. So much fun to use and very playable with no menus and very intuitive. The spring reverb is amazing and the sequencer very powerful for being so straightforward.

I also purchased a hard flight case for it specifically designed for the grandmother so fits perfectly.

Works perfectly. I have the box and everything it came with. Excellent condition and only ever been used at home. These are a £1000 new now and the hard canse was £140 I think so looking for £750 which I think is a bargain. 

Microfreak - limited white with vocoder and cary case

Elektron Samples with case nice soft wrap case
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