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FS: Fender AVRI '72 Telecaster, Gretsch G6122-1959 Vintage Select Country Gentleman 2019

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Edit: I was fortunate enough to have a friend come by who is a much better player than me and was willing to record some demos. Both guitars played through a Carr Super Bee with a touch of reverb 

Gretsch G6122-1959 Country Gentleman (£2200)

An absolutely awesome guitar in excellent condition that just isn't seeing enough play and something has to go, the usual story.... 

It has been recently setup and has a comfortable, low action. The TV Jones pickups sound great and the tone/volume controls on the guitar give you plenty of flexibility. Looks great as well with the striking flamed maple/gold hardware.

This model has had a few iterations, but this is the most recent with a nitro finish etc. 
Full specs here:

Comes with the original Gretsch case as well, which is in great nick too. 

I have this guitar listed for a chunk more elsewhere, but sales on the forum are always preferred...I think £2200 is a pretty fair price

More pics:

FSR American Vintage '72 Telecaster Custom (£1450) 

An absolutely awesome telecaster that just isn't getting played. I am trying to slim down what I have to just a couple things, which means tough decisions! This came to me stock with a WRHB in the neck and standard single coil bridge. 

Koivisto Guitars in Glasgow set this guitar up for me and replaced the stock pickups with a Mojo P.A.B. in the neck and Mojo '52 tele in the bridge. This did not require any modification to the routing or pickguard, so should be an easy swap back if one feels inclined as I kept hold of the stock pickups. If you choose to go that route that also makes this the cheapest AVRI tele around by far, since the pickups can likely sell on their own for ~£200

All that said, I think the guitar is much better for the changes and incredibly unique. One dink pictured in album, and a line in the lacquer at the neck heel. Otherwise in great condition and the ash body is pretty darn light. Hardshell tweed case included 

Some specs:
  • Ash body
  • Gloss lacquer finish body (nitro neck)
  • "C" shape neck
  • 7.25" fretboard radius 
  • 42mm nut width
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • S/N: V06681
  • Build date: July 2017

All pics:

edit: I've been getting a fair bit of trade offers so figured I would open the option. Electric-wise I would only really be looking for a G6128/Penguin with dynasonic PUs. Acoustic wise, try me!

Happy to answer any questions about either guitar. I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne and local collection or insured shipping are both okay. I have packing material/a guitar box on hand 
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