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TRADED: STAK 130RMS + Matching 4x12 - Rare 1970s Bassman on Steroids

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 STAK 130RMS Head + STAK 4x12 Cabinet

£1250 £1000 Needing to buy a van so another drop, keen to sell

Rare amp and rare cab, I have seen 2 heads up for sale and have never been able to find another cabinet for sale!

Made in London by Ron & Mike at Sounds Hire Ltd, they produced amps under two names, ICARUS & STAK they started producing these in 1972, this is serial number 77 made by Mike Baker. I managed to track down Mike on Facebook via the Ampstack Facebook page and have shared messages with him regarding these amps and what they're inspired by, he told me that initially they made a 50W prototype (which he still has and still uses in his hoem studio) but decided to push it up to 100W, the 130RMS was designed using the original circuit from Eric Claptons early Bassman but obviously EL34 powered instead of 6L6, they also produced a 230RMS KT88 200W model which must be window smashing loud!

All I know is that its sounds great, produces fantastic cleans and crunches up superbly when you wind up the preamp volume. It will run at bedroom volume just as well as it does at full tilt thanks to the 12 position master and takes pedals perfectly fine.

When I got this amp it didnt need much other than a clean, its had the dubilliers replaced as per Mike's instruction as they were notoriously problematic especially with age, its fitted with all the original or atleast period correct Zaerix (Z & I Aeros Services) valves, I will supply with a new trio of JJ preamp tubes as spares along with the replaced caps.

The Bulgin Power socket was also replaced with a modern IEC due to the original cable being lost plus ease of use. Chassis shows corrosion and some oxidisation but its 50+ years old so this is normal and doesnt affect function in any way. New castors have also been fitted to the cab as they had fully fallen apart. There is tolex peeling but no structural issue, both cab and head chassis are solid. Theyre are some screws missing from the cab backp panle but its solid and doesnt rattle at all, its a tight fit.
  • 100 watt
  • 3x ECC83 Zaerix Preamp Valves
  • 4x EL34 Zaerix Power Valves
  • 12 Position Rotary Master Volume Switch
  • Normal + Bright Input, each with High & Low
  • Controls: Normal V / Bright V / Bass / Middle / Treble / Presence / Master V
The cabinet is the original matching one fitted with a quad of Eminance 12" Speakers dated 1974. Speaker model number is 12PPGF16AX I beleive they are either 50w or 75w speakers not 100% the cab is fully working, no blown cones or rubbing.

I'm sure you can guess this half stack isn't light so collection preferred, I'm willing to deliver personally within reason, message me to discuss.

These are real rare, I've seen people asking £2400 for the head alone on Reverb and The Music Locker selling a head they had for £795.00 here which had a replacement back panel. No splitting this is a rare vintage pair that shouldn't be split, by all means try me with offer worst I can say is no. I'm based in High Wycombe.

Demo of this amp and cab, click HERE

Ok, here's the image dump, I've added a picture of the original amp advert that Mike sent me and a Image off Kiss using on of the Stak heads live.

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