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FS: Friedman Runt 20 Head. £825. Mint - Traded/Gone

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I took this in a trade recently. 

It’s absolutely mint. I can’t find a mark on it and it sounds really good. I’ve been very impressed having a go with it the past 2-3 weeks. 

The Cab No Mo’ line out sounds great, and you can run it without a speaker cab attached for silent recording etc. 

I’ve gigged it once and also took it to a jam night to give it a whirl and see what it hung like with a band, and it cuts through like a knife. I was surprised at the oomph available given that I usually use a 2203! 

Anyway, footswitch is very clean and the amp is spotless and sounds really nice. 

It’s a Friedman so it’s gonna be decent. 

Anyway, collection preferred because I don’t have a box with it, but could possibly source one and pack if logistically it’s an issue. Happy to meet up within reason. 

Located in Holbeach, Lincs. PE12 7HG

Currently I can’t see an obviously cheaper one in the UK or online, and I don’t think this’ll hang around too long. 
** If a cheaper one appears or someone informs me of one, I shall amend my price accordingly.**

Will also listen to trade offers, but straight sale will take priority. 



****NOW TRADED****

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