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WTB 12" Celestion Redback and/or Copperback speaker

allenallen Frets: 777
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Hi there,

Looking for one or both of these for my Mesa Lonestar 100w rehousing project. Just kicked off the cabinet work so now need to source a speaker(s) for a 1 x 12 cab - has to be 8 ohm.

My understanding of the internet stuff on this (and reading the EQ curves) is that the Redback is a high power British sounding speaker and the Copperback is Celestion's attempt to do more of an EV type of thing.

Anyhow, might be worth trying both and selling anything that I don't like.

Will have a couple of Celestion Black Shadows to sell if all goes ahead. Would have used these, but 'only' rated at 90w.

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