[Trade preferred] Fender Deluxe Reverb Reisssue DRRi

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bigfuzzbigfuzz Frets: 43
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Lovely, lovely amp. Since moving across London for a new job, I've moved into a new apartment with paper thin walls. Without transport right now it's barely being used and I'm growing frustrated not being able to use it how I'd like. It's too much of a nice amp to be sat doing very little. 
I'm based in Zone 2 London, collection only really. Looking for £795, but would much prefer a trade (another amp, guitars, etc.) 

It's spent most of it's life in a studio or at home, never gigged. Comes with a custom cut vinyl case to keep it free of unwanted dust or any other crap you may find in a practice space.. 

Pics to follow, not got any right now. 
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