Snap Picking

So, in my quest to being a betterer player, I came across this really great sounding technique when I heard a live performance of buckethead playing Nottingham Lace during the solo.  Here is a vid explaining it with a standard 2 note per string blues rock lick:

Does anyone use this?  I have started practicing it today and it's much, much harder than I anticipated but I love the tone of having the first beat accentuated by the pick attack.  I can't do that pushing technique with the pick, so I'll just use wrist movement I think.  I am finding the hammer onto the b string really hard - I have very small hands, so using the third finger is possible but a stretch - I'll likely practice with both third and pinky until both are semi-competent.  Just wondering if anyone has any great tips? I will also try it with 3 note per string and maybe even 4 note per string stretch licks (that can wait a few weeks...).  

Also, my strings are rusty which makes hammers trickier and my g string (oooer) has that AWFUL overtone thing going on.  So today, I'm restringing the Ltd with 10-52, so it should make hammers slightly easier (currently 11-52).  This excites me.  Is that weird?
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