All sold: Pedal sale, plus Ibanez AFS75T guitar.

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All prices include tracked traced and insured postage. 

Young ADM600 mini delay  now - £80. 

Prince of Tone now £150
I really don't understand why the K.O.T. sells for more than double the price of these.
With the 3 switch control of the Prince it does most of what the bigger pedal does in a board friendly size.
Iconic.  Velcro on bottom. Tiny paint chip on corner.  No original box.

Ibanez Artcore AFS75T in brand new hard case£290
Guitar has been freshly luthier setup with Daddario Balanced Tension 11’s (gives best Bigsby action).  Plays perfectly.
Guitar was previously owned by Ash of Oil City Pickups, so new wiring loom and pickups (Oil City Filtertrons)  are his creations. Tones are lush, beautiful chimey cleans, and fantastic overdrive tones.  Very Gretschy. 
Guitar is fully hollow, but slimline and easy to play.  It feeds back wonderfully, but is super easy to control,  I’ve had loads of fun with this, but I already have a bunch of Gretsches, so got too much duplication of tones. 
This thing kicks the ass of a Gretsch G5420. Sounds better, plays better, better hardware, zero issues.  
A bargain.

SOLD: Wampler Tumnus Deluxe 
Barely used, Velcro on the bottom. Mint. £125

SOLD: Dunlop MC 404 CAE Wah. One of the best wah’s ever, tonnes of tonal options.  now £85

Thanks for looking
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