1960s Harmony H-165 £260 posted

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1960s Harmony H-165 000 body shape. Solid mahogany top and body
One of the very best old Harmony
 Guitars around. 
Neck angle is good. String height at 12th is around 2.5mm

Please look closely at the photos as there are plenty of scuffs and scars. There is a piece of wood screwed to the inside of the back. I have absolutely no idea why...

Structurally sound. Play very well and sounds fantastic. 
These guitars are ladder braced which makes them LOUD. Cheaply constructed but good quality materials. Hide glue, solid timbers and Brazilian rosewood. For the uninitiated that’s just rosewood from Brazil that used to be readily available until we cut it all down. 

Nope, it sounds nothing like a Martin, not even a poor mans one. It’s got it’s own tone and vibe going on and it’s great 

fairly full C shape, 1 3/4 nut. No truss rod but this particular one has the steel reinforced neck. 

I would really like any prospective owner to view this in-hand (south of Bristol) before deciding but I will post if everyone is happy 

And please, not more snarks about the state of my garden furniture. I get it. All my wooden objects have seen better days. 

This gallery link may or may not work. 

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  • Andy79Andy79 Frets: 699
    £260 all in if anyone fancies it
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