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SOLD: Marshall 9001 valve preamp + footswitch & 2U case

MattayusMattayus Frets: 110
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£150 SOLD!

Awesome early 90s preamp by Marshall. Not to be confused with the solid state 9004 from the same range, which is far inferior IMO.

This is the predecessor to the legendary JMP-1, but with its 5 band EQ I think its much more versatile. It enables you to really dial in the tone from very British to very American, and everything in between.

Two drive types on the lead channel give even more versatility, enabling tight percussive distortion, or wooly lead tones. Takes pedals incredibly well.

Comes with fully working footswitch! A rarity with these indeed.

The bad:
1) The wet/dry mix pot for the FX loop is a little funky. Fully working but is very crackly despite a good contact cleaning and a vigorous turn.
2)The lead for the footswitch has a little damage to its plastic housing at one end. However, the actual contacts on the lead are all perfectly fine, and it still works 100%.

Fully tested and given a good once over, all valves (three) fire up beautifully, and all pots/switches function as they should.

Comes with a tatty old 2U case that you may as well have with it. It'll protect it in transit if nothing else. Please feel free to ask any questions!

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