I'm homeless and need help HAPPY UPDATE!!!!!!

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Right, forgive me because this post is going to be rambly.
I took a break from basically all social media last year for the sake of my mental health, and that's where it all begins really so here goes.
When my mental health issues started getting bad last year I pretty much isolated myself from social media, me and Claire started arguing quite a lot, on Tuesday the shit hit the fan rather epically, after a huge row we broke up and she kicked me out. For those of you that don't venture into behind closed doors, that catches you up.
The council can't do anything for me until tuesday at the very earliest, I'm stuck sofa surfing living from a backpack.
Finding somewhere willing to accept housing benefit is an absolute nightmare, being un employed rules even more out of a narrow choice of what I can get on benefits. Speaking of which, I applied for universal credit and I could be waiting 6 weeks for anything more than an advanced payment that I will obviously have to pay back. 
I can get my first month's rent and deposit paid BUT not any agency fee's, the vast majority of rooms I can rent are agency, and around here it's 3-400 plus the first month's rent.
@Breakstuff has been in touch with me and genuinely made me cry with happiness, he has suggested setting up a gofundme page to raise the money, I'm neither experienced with it or in any state mentally to sit and do it. I'm using my data on my phone as little as possible except looking for housing and work, he also made a small but extremely appreciated donation to start me on the way, and at that point I genuinely cried. 
If someone could pm me about possibly setting one up on my behalf I would be eternally grateful.
I will keep checking in here keeping people updated and generally just venting, I've waffled on enough now I need to clear my head

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