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Dear Diedre,

I've been using Gibson Pump Polish since the 80s, it's the guitar polish of choice for the discerning gentleman. Imagine my delight when I saw the Post office van pull up outside and the jolly postman trotted down the drive with a small brown jiffy bag in hand with my latest bottle of polish that I had eagerly ordered. I excitedly opened the jiffy bag but to my horror and disgust, I reeled across the room as my eyes landed on the new label. 

I am outraged and beside myself, how could Gibson do this? The "Worlds Finest Pump Polish for Guitars, Banjos Mandolins" has been in the original orange label since I can remember and they now have the audacity to rock mine and hundreds of thousands of other peoples worlds by changing the label.

I had to phone in sick for work today...too upset.

Old label:

New Label:

Apologies...I have nothing of any real interest in my life worth posting about. I am a loser.
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