FS - 1983 BC Rich NJ Mockingbird Bass SOLD

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1983 NJ Mockingbird bass in an amazing candy metallic red. Neck through Japanese build, it’s seen it’s fair share of use over the years as all good instruments do but a solid bass and hard to find in the UK.

-Maple neck through
-Mahogany wings
-Rosewood fretboard and head plate
-Candy Metallic Red finish
-Double reverse P pickups

 This one is no case queen but will make a solid gigging bass, someone obviously tried a few different locations for the strap at some point too. Virtually impossible to capture the nature of the finish but its great in person, sort of shits with that candy/metalic element. Unfortunately need to make space for an incoming purchase and as a guitarists the basses are first up.

 Looking for £650 and collection but can always work something out 

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