Mixing Challenge No' 7...

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Right then groovy gang...

Time for another... and a small rule change for this one...

The track is:


the rule change? as per a suggestion in another thread

Well this time you can only use your DAW's STOCK PLUGINS!!!!!

This is about getting a good mix from what is available, so no "re-recording parts" but feel free to use or not use the tracks available...and remember ONLY STOCK PLUGINS CAN BE USED!!!

If you want to join the fun, send me a DM and I will provide you with a link to the raw tracks.

Send your submissions to mix@thefretboard.co.uk as an mp3.

Voting will start soon after the submission deadline of 24th Nov 2019 with each voter selecting their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.

First choice gets 5 points - Second choice gets 3 points - Third choice gets 1 point

Voting will end on 11.30pm 30th Nov 2019

The order and scores of the top three entries will be announced soon after the voting ends. If there are 8 or more entries, then the order and scores of those in the top half will be announced.  

No prizes. It's just for fun.

As people submit their entries, I'll post them in the playlist below. Hopefully we can share tips and tricks on how the mix was achieved. 
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