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 I've slowly been accruing parts to make some strats, and I've had 3 very nice SCRelics bodies sat in the corner for a long time. 

I now have everything to piece them together, so went to do so and I find there's a big wet patch on the carpet around them.
Picked up the bodies and all the backs and edges of them are just coated in mould. The paint has either turned brittle and flaked off, or where the paint is still in tact the mould has filled in the lacquer crazing.

The rest of the room is completely dry and all my other guitars are fine so I don't understand what has happened at all. I've got a dehumidifier in there with them and the window cracked.

I had LPB, CAR, and Sonic Blue. The LPB one has paint flaked off but it still looks alright. The CAR roasted ash one im a little worried about as when you look in the trem cavity the wood has a little split as well as the paint.
The sonic blue one... I don't want to talk about it  :'(
It was supposed to be NOS but it's certainly not now.

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