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I haven't really dabbled in DAWs, software, plugins etc so my experience is limited. Bear that in mind for this review, as I usually submit to people like @octatonic et al who have way more working knowledge and valuable insight.

Anyway, Id literally never heard of the Spire till I saw Dan mention it on TPS (see below - starts about 6.35).

What is the Spire ?

It is a portable 8-track recorder, with a built in mic and connects to your phone/iPad via an app. 

It is SO easy to use, and indeed within an hour I had laid down a chorus/verse of 2 potential new songs. It has some built in FX which really help to minimise noise into your recording. You can simply mix down, save, store and export. It has a 4 hour battery life (I think) and sounds wonderful through headphones.

So, lets assume that Im gonna record a vocal and guitar at the same time, to sketch some ideas.
Switch on. Press the 'soundcheck' button which adjusts the levels that you want.

Select FX - say a reverb.

Press record.


Then, select the Mix in the software (phone/iPad) and mix down and pan. It also has some automatic mixing settings that you can select. Perfect.

It. Is. So. Good.

Ive have literally done playing, recording, writing and sketching than I have for years.

Its not all good news though... Its opened up the DAW recording rabbit-hole for me, and launched me into Universal Audio world !

But for £259 !?!?!? 

The best £259 Ive ever spent.

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