SOLD - Port City Pearl 100 watt head

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I’m doubling up on smooth, crystal clear, hand wired/point to point (blackface?) fender cleans and I’m keen to bring in a tweed tone to my line up.

So, selling/trading: 

1) Port City Pearl Head - 100 watt, immaculate with cover - approx £950
2) DrZ 2x10, 140 watt 8 ohm cab with Rocksolid cover, approx £250

Would ideally like to trade the Port City for a Z-28 or Therapy.  But happy to consider anything tweed (Rift, Swart, Lazy J, Gartone, Louis Electric, Victoria etc) combo or head.  Finally, happy to trade the DrZ 2x10, maybe for a Port City cab.

I’m guessing if you’ve been bothered to read all of that you may have something to trade or would like to buy, so drop me a line  How we exchange in current conditions is a whole other matter...
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