Behringer sf300 Fuzz

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Heads up on this bargain. This is a clone of a clone, specifically the Boss Fz2 which was itself modelled after the super fuzz of the 60s. The boss went on to become a signature sound of the stoner/doom band Electric Wizard and as a result is now demanding up to 200£ on eBay! Well I recently picked up a much cheaper option - a used Behringer sf300 for 20£, and there appears to be no noticeable difference between the sound of the boss not only on YouTube demos but also on the records. Its pretty much EW in a box. It’s not your standard gilmouresque fare though; it’s very rugged and nasty sounding, in a good way depending on your taste. If you’re into nasty, abrasive fuzz tones be sure to pick one up as you have nothing to lose at 20£, and can just flip it for the same amount if you don’t like it. One minor drawback is that the enclosure is made of plastic and the footswitch doesn’t seem the most sturdy, but as long as you’re not aggressively stomping on it it should be fine. 
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