Morning all,
A quick note to let you know our website is now up and running. You should be seeing us on youtube and facebook already,  and guitar magazines over the coming months.
We aim to help to keep everyone's gear safe, are made by guitarists for guitarists, and have been in development and testing for months.
Basically, we were sick of seeing posts on social media from people who have had their pride and joys lost or stolen.
With www.guitarregister.com you can upload your guitars details - most importantly the serial number - along with photos, freetext identifying features etc. We do not store bank card details, or ask for your address etc. 
If your axe is ever lost or stolen, you just flag it as such on your dashboard. 
Then theres the clever bit. If any store or member enters your guitars details into our site, it not only tells them its lost/stolen, it tells YOU of the search and puts you in contact to arrange recovery. Our software has been custom written and isn't off a 'built it yourself' web page.
We have free accounts for limited searches, and our full membership starts from $10 for ten guitars. Retailer accounts are currently free for 12 months.
Please check us out.
As founder and CEO, I'll happy answer any questions I can on this thread, but having a click around the site on a free account will probably answer most of them.
Regards and best wishes,
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