Best way to spend £1,000- £1,500

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I have just been left some money by a close relative and in memory of her I want to spend the money on a guitar. I have been changing my mind regularly on whether to buy acoustic or electric, but as I play acoustic far more, I think that is where I would be best to put my money.

Acoustic wise at present I have a Breedlove Atlas AC-SR25 Plus and a Faith Neptune Trembesi. I would therefore want something different in looks and sound. The Breedlove has a very bright resonant tone where the Faith is darker and more mellow.

I will have ideally £1,000 to spend but may be able to push it by a few hundred for the right instrument. I realise that the only way to truly decide is to play a load (and I certainly don't want to buy blind) but I don't know where is best to put my money. It would need to have a pickup too.

Due to the sentimental value it will be a keeper so resale is not going to be an issue for me. 

I would value any advice on what guitars are good value for that money and what might be good that is different to the acoustics I already have. 

I love the look of a J45 but they are about double what I have to spend. What else is worth considering. I assume that as I don't have the money for "vintage" that buying new would give me the best array of choice rather than used. 
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