Evidence Audio SIS cables

I got some vouchers for a guitar shop for Christmas, and thought i’d take the plunge with a set of new patch cables for my pedalboard.

I’d seen EA SIS cables on TPS, so thought i’d give them a try. They arrived today and I put them together, and swapped the old ones out.

Outgoing patch leads were a bit of a mix of Fender and Roland. 

Have only had half an hour with them, but it does seem to be a big improvement. Tried my Reverend and American Tele, and both seemed a bit more alive than before. Harmonics that weren’t there before, now are. Used to be just the usual ones (5th, 7th, 12th, etc), but now harmonics can be heard at most fret locations, which for me is a big step forward. 

Both guitars sound much better with gain from pedals now too. 

Seems my old patch leads were taking something away.

I wasn’t expecting much, really, but i’m impressed. Easy to put together, look cool, and most importantly, sound ace.

Might start to look at the leads from the guitar to the board and board to amp now...

No affiliation whatsoever, just a good improvement  :)
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  • All that solder in your old cables must’ve been sucking out the tone  ;)
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