Ceriatone Horsebreaker

DominicDominic Frets: 15880
It's literally a WIN-WIN
A two in one of THE two most lauded pedals .........Klon Centaur on the left and a KOT/Bluesbreaker on the right side.
They both sound fantastic .....the Klon side is the Centaura circuit .
What amazes me is what good value it really is......I saw somebody sold their used Centaura on here today for £220.This pedal is currently £219 from Andertons .
I have tried the Bluesbreaker side against my KOT and it's identical and possibly even fatter with single coils.
The Klon side sounds very similar to my Tumnus Deluxe and slightly sweeter than the RYRA to my ears although ultimately you can get more gain out of the Tumnus Deluxe if you want.
Fantastic Value , Board Space -saver and great Sounds .
Highly Recommended.
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