Gretsch Pickups - Blacktop Filtertrons v Mojotrons

FuengiFuengi Frets: 2850
Eventually got around to swapping out the Blacktops in my Gretsch 5420 for Mojotron Filtertrons, bit of an arse ache due to the mounts being different and having to make a plywood mount, but now they are in and set up.

I like the Blacktops, they have a brittle quality that is warm and always feel slightly overdriven, never completely clean. Good enough frequency range if slightly muted either end.

The Mojotrons have a much brighter top end and more bass depth. They are more articulate, but also powerful enough to push the amp on those double stops. Really lovely. The neck pickup has that fabulous rounded treble that really sings, and the bridge is well balanced and not at all harsh. They really sparkle, and have power on tap. Beautiful. 
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