Epiphone Wildkat in Boo Dog Guitars in Cardigan

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I guess this is a cheeky and rather minimal review of a guitar shop. I saw this on gumtree;


and wrote to the seller;

Hi Nick, I'm interested in your Epiphone Wildkat. Can you tell me who did the Full Pro setup and why they chose to string over the Bigsby tension bar?"

He responded;

Hi, we did the setup, we are a Gutar shop, that's how you string Bigsbys, we specialise in Gretsch so see and fit hundreds of them."

Now I know that on some guitars where the tension bar is lower than the bridge you CAN string over the top. And I know that on Telecaster (for instance) you need to heavily shim the neck, but to say "that's how you string Bigsbys" is properly misinformed. Just saying...
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  • thecolourboxthecolourbox Frets: 9915
    That reminds me of that photo of Boris Johnson fretting a chord on an acoustic guitar, behind the capo.

    Why on earth would anybody do that?
    Please note my communication is not very good, so please be patient with me
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  • merlinmerlin Frets: 6770
    I didn't respond and got this message today... we're in the clear. 

    "Sorry I hadn't taken in what you said, just came back and looked at the photos, your right! When guitars come in we give them a quick clean and photograph them before they go workshop to get them up online, this one had been strung wrong when it came in, rest assured it's strung correctly now! Thanks for pointing it out
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