TC Ditto+ looper Review (with video)

I can't find a proper manual for this online so wanted to show how to do some of the stuff with the Ditto+ I just grabbed from @Wazmeister

Overall I think it maintains some of the really cool simplicity of the Ditto, which I think is that pedals strong suit, but the extended looping mode is kinda handy (not so easy to describe). 

Basically, you can overdub your first loop as many times as you want - 
So you could have a bar of percussive playing, then you can have that bar repeat say 4 or 8 times, you just need to make sure you're counting and stop the record within that last repeat (so in bar 4 of a 4 bar phrase, not on beat 1 of bar 5)...
So that's kinda tricky but neat...
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  • ggod job - esp at 10 mins mark  =)
    Contrary to public opinion I'm near Manchester and Huddersfield and not near the M20!
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