Acoustik Attak - Attak Pik

These picks kept popping up on my socials so I drunkenly gave in and ordered some from as they offered something like 40% off. I wasn't too sure where they shipped from, got the usual order received email, then about 3 days later they turned up, posted from somewhere in the UK but I forget where. Total of 6 picks posted ended up costing $7.92 so about £6.50 for 6 of the Stealth 2.0 Sneak Attak pack in 2 different sizes.

 Took one out, gave it a try and didn't get on with it too well to be honest, a bit too big making the tip of the pick feel too far away from the side of my thumb, disappointed. Forgot that they came in 2 sizes (tipsy purchase) and tried the smaller one, much better for how I play, they're concave where the grip area is so they feel a bit thin to start but they sit quite well, don't slip (only play at home, sweaty gigs maybe different) but oddly the material that doesn't have any grip feels really smooth compared to most other picks, I think a bit of texture would be a lot better.

Overall I like them, they aren't revolutionary, probably make claims about tone and brightness somewhere but I get on OK with them so far.

Ive got an affiliate link with a code for 40% off but I cant remember if we can post them, Im sure theyll offer some sort of discount if you fancy trying any.

Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.....

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