Zoom G6 Review: They Ruined it!

Well, got a Zoom G6 the other day.

Great tones but they ruined the UI.

Did a bit of a demo here...

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    Good vid and yes the G6 is cheap and nasty and the UI is dire. I've had a G5 and a G5n and really struggled to use them or get a good tone from them.

    Even in the G5n that gave up to 9 blocks these got used up so quickly. Amp models took up 2 blocks, cab took.one, and NR another.  That's 4 before you start, and some fx e.g. 6 band EQ took 2 blocks. It had more switches than the G5, but it was still ungigable.   The only way I could get a good tone from it was to add AIR reverb and exciter to every patch that left bugger all slots.  

    're DSP and UI, the G11 is pretty decent and way better but Zoom got it's pricing very badly wrong. It wasnt far off Helix LT pricing but although it has some nice features, it simply isnt in the same league.

    The G6 was a rush job to try and compete with Pod Go but again it just isn't in the same league. Zoom simply hasn't been able to get it right for quite a while now which is a shame. Either it's the UI, the price, the DSP or everything. 

    Zoom are in a rut MFX wise and really need to start from scratch.  They, and others to be fair, could learn a thing or two from the Valeton GP200 which is probably the best 'budget' pedal out there that has an excellent UI and some truly great features. Tone is subjective but it sounds pretty decent from reviews and vids.
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