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Bass Player needed - house band, High Wycombe

FarleyUKFarleyUK Frets: 2444
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Myself (lead guitar), a drummer and keyboard player are looking for a versatile singer and bassist to join our house band.

We've been asked by the venue to create a house band at a local, well-known music venue in the High Wycombe area. You must be versatile, as we'll be playing a range of genres (everything from funk and disco through to heavy metal), although we expect most stuff would fall within the rock area.

We'll be playing once a month, and the set list will be rotated frequently to keep it fresh for us and the crowd!

Please let me know if you or someone you know would be interested.
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  • fretmeisterfretmeister Frets: 24687
    That sounds like a great gig!

    Shame I'm too far away.
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  • FarleyUKFarleyUK Frets: 2444
    Bumping this, as we've got a singer, but the bass player didn't work out....!

    We're putting together a house bar band at a well known music venue in the High Wycombe area, to play every last Saturday of the month.

    You need to be competent, able to have a laugh, have your own transport and gear and able to attend a couple of rehearsals a month in Wycombe, and fully able to commit to gig at the venue on the last Saturday of each month.

    We'll be playing a fairly broad mix of stuff, but it's all got a rock lean to it. We have a gig booked at the end of August, and you'll need to learn about 28 songs; things like Beat It, Jump, Won't Get Fooled Again, Take it Easy, All My Life, Rocky Mountain Way etc.

    Can send full set list over before audition (don't worry, the audition wouldn't be the entire set list!).
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