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SOLD Most Of A Yamaha Pacifica+Spare Body

DrBobDrBob Frets: 3012
edited April 2023 in LH Guitars £
Up for your consideration today is this

Which as you can see is almost all of a Yamaha Pacifica, body has been sanded down with a view to refinishing which was in fact the original plan as a little project for me and my lefty guitarist daughter, but it’s been sitting there for at least a year untouched so probably move it on 

It’s mostly complete but you will need 

Jack socket (jack plate is there)
and of course the ability to solder it in 
Trem arm
Fret dress & setup

Paint/oil finish/ Posca pens, whatever you want to do to finish it.
Also included is another Pacifica body part sanded but with a knot in it

The pickguard actually lines up better with the black body so maybe that’s the one to build ? 

So what do we reckon ? Nice little mod project for the Spring ?

£50 plus a bit for postage any good ? 

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